Meet Parul

Dr. Parul Dua Makkar is a true global citizen, born in India, raised in the U.A.E, educated in the USA, and practiced dentistry in Canada before settling in New York. Having met people from all walks of life has helped her develop patience, resilience, strength, and flexibility. And here's a fun fact - she has an impressive stamp collection of 4,000 stamps from more than 200 countries!

Parul's life took a turn when she lost her beloved younger brother and fellow dentist, Dr. Manu Dua, to oral cancer.

With no family or friends near at the time, she had to find her own way to cope with her grief. She handled her loss by developing meaningful connections with others and forming a support system. The experience has taught Parul how to balance the various roles in life - mother, dentist, entrepreneur, wife, daughter, sister, and friend - while also processing her grief. She stands as an example of how to persevere and thrive during challenging times.
Parul’s greatest hope is that her brother’s death is not just a statistic.

But rather inspires a movement which brings greater awareness of oral cancer. Through her co-authored book, Life Interrupted, Dr Dua's Survival Guide, she underscores Manu's belief that despite the worst-case scenarios, humans are resilient and have a remarkable capacity to heal. Live your best life possible, and always duagoodjob! 

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