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Life Interrupted: Dr. Dua's Survival Guide

  • 2024 American Legacy Book Awards, Winner: Health - Cancer; Finalist Health - Death & Dying
  • 2024 International Impact Book Award, Category Grief and Dying
  • 2023 Winner of NYC Big Book Award Distinguished Favorite
  • 2022 CIPA EVVY Winner Bronze Memoir
  • 2022 CIPA EVVY Gold Award Winner in Motivational/Inspirational, Bronze Memoir

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This is the story of my younger brother, Dr. Manu Dua, who battled oral cancer for almost two years.

These are a series of blogs that he penned when faced with his own mortality at the young age of 34. He had accepted and made peace with his fate. These blogs are filled with much depth and wisdom. It chronicles his realization of life and what and who truly matters. May these blogs serve as a gentle reminder to not take life for granted. That no matter what we plan, things are out of our control, call it our fate or destiny. That through the darkest of times, there is still hope, and the power of the human spirit through adversities prevails. May you find comfort in his words should you or your loved ones walk this difficult road.
Dr. Parul Dua Makkar and Life Interrupted book signing
Book Reviews

Insightful, authentic, inspiring, impactful

Tears and smiles, this book brings forth all the emotions and talks of the life matters that touch all our lives. This is an insightful and thoughtful book. Dr. Dua leaves an incredible legacy. If you’ve ever read “Tuesday’s with Morrie,”this short read will resonate and tug at your heart strings.

- Nikki

An insightful series of a doctor’s thoughts on life and living

Dr. Dua shares from the midst of pain a series of thoughts on various topics from hope and failure to luck and puppies. Some are quite short and others longer, but all are honestly and from the heart written for all of us. Quite inspirational and deep. Family photos in the back are a nice touch!

- yvette weir

The Eternal Powerful Words!

This book is beyond the journey of oral cancer…it is a deep look into the soul of a person who is leaving a legacy of compassion and inspiration!! You walk away feeling the power of his message and the true meaning of life!!"

- Asha Rani

An important message on what really matters in life

The words of Dr. Dua, written as he was facing his own mortality at what should have been the prime of his life, are impactful and inspiring. When we're young, it's so easy to think we're immortal, that pain and suffering and endless hospital treatments are for the elderly.

Dr. Dua reminds us that tremendous hardship and suffering can happen to anyone at any time. The idea that we're protected by youth is an illusion. At the same time, we need not be ruled by fear or resentment. A sense of peace can be achieved if we change our perspective.

What we can learn from his experience: we are not guaranteed tomorrow. So how can we make the most of today? Are we focused on what really matters? What regrets would we have if this were our last day? A beautifully written, thought-provoking piece.

- JEN B.

A Gorgeous Reminder and Absolute Must Read

Sometimes, the very thing we need comes to us at just the right time. Dr. Dua's book is one of those things. It's more than a series of blogs, it's a reminder that even when things are at their worst, everything isn't lost because we can always find happiness, support, and love when we need it most.

I'm still crying, but that's how you know this is a fantastic book. "Life Interrupted" is a legacy of hope, strength, and the ability to find peace in even the worst situations. It's a work of art, but it's also a work that says we are more than an illness, we are more than the things we take for granted, and we should live the legacy we want to leave.

This collection will make you feel all the things in the best ways. It's beautifully insightful, it's clever, and, overall, it's gorgeous and hard to put down. Whether you've experienced loss or not, it's a necessary perspective that helps us grow as people from a beautiful soul.

- Emerson
Life Interrupted: Dr. Dua's Survival Guide

"...Our lives will come and go, but our ideas will remain immortal. Therefore, in essence, the soul behind our work remains eternal. So, seek not to fear your own mortality, but rather embrace the challenge to create something that will outlive your fears and wildest imaginations, such that you may be able to provide service years after you have dearly departed."

- Dr. Manu Dua